Announcing “the Local Creators”

I’m excited to say that I’ve started a new photography project! It’s called the Local Creators, and it will feature local people or small businesses that are creating something unusual, different, or just plain interesting. I’ll be photographing the behind-the-scenes creation process, with a short interview to accompany it.

The first place I photographed is a printmaking & paint studio in San Francisco, called 3 Fish Studios. Please check out their profile on the Local Creators to explore their studio.

New places will be added on a regular basis, so please continue to check back! And if you have any recommendations about places or people you think would be interesting to profile, please let me know; I’d love to check them out.

Annie from 3 Fish Studios


13 thoughts on “Announcing “the Local Creators”

  1. You go girl! Cheering you all the way from Australia. Looking forward to seeing your perspective on these interesting people and spaces. I’m excited for you and your new photographic inspiration. I too have been thinking of embarking on specific projects lately. It must be in the air… xx

  2. i’ve always been a fan of this idea!! you’ve seen jen causey’s the makers project right?? ahh so inspiring.
    cannot wait to see updates as they come!

  3. A wonderful project. I dream of such a project – local, Bavarian artist to photograph. How do you write to your project, you must start the project and not wait … And you’re right. Your photos are convincing – and the paintings are wonderful.

    And I’m lokking foward to new local creators.

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