The Outer Sunset with Stephanie

Fun times with Stephanie exploring the Outer Sunset in San Francisco.

First stop — Outerlands. We got there before it opened, and yet the wait was still 1 hour and 45 minutes. We put our names down and traipsed off to nearby Ocean Beach. It was a extremely foggy (and dark and windy) day, but pretty typical for this time of year in SF.

After many, many attempts to get a beautiful scarf picture (like this one), we realized our scarves were seemingly made out of lead, so we walked back to Outerlands to await brunch.

Brunch was had (hello, Dutch pancake — you were amazing), and we went to Fort Funston for a beautiful view of SF to cap off the day. And Stephanie was able to capture my scarf a-flyin’ here.

PS: If Stephanie posts her pictures from the day, I’ll update this post and add a link here. (So Stephanie, please post your pics — the world wants to see them!) Be sure to check out Stephanie’s view of the day.


Chrystine and Nicole in Hakone Gardens

Nicole and Chrystine were kind enough to come out to Hakone Gardens on short notice and let me use my rented lens on them (yes, the same 50mm/1.2 I’ve been talking about seemingly forever — what can I say? I took a lot of pictures during that week!). I shot everything that day at f/1.2 despite the bright, sunny day because darn it, that lens demands it. (And thank goodness for tall trees and lots of shade.)

~ Thanks for putting up with me, N and C! You guys are wonderful.~

At the farmers market // Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale has such a surprisingly lively farmers market. In the summer months, it’s usually held along the downtown street (because there’s just 1 downtown street, and it’s a block long), which gives it a really nice backdrop and shade.

I had just rented the 50mm/1.2 an hour prior, and decided to try it out at the farmers market. It just suited me to a tee. It was like slipping on an old pair of jeans. It also drew enough attention for 3 people to ask me about it (which is about 300% more comments than I normally get).

(Dang, I miss that lens already.)