16th Ave Tiled Steps Project // San Francisco, CA

We took a mini trip to the Inner Sunset district of SF to see the Tiled Steps Project. The area’s supposed to give you amazing views of SF and the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, it was super foggy on the day we went, so no view for us. But that fog is just so quintessentially SF and gives such an interesting atmosphere in pictures that I can’t complain.

If you visit, be sure to not only walk to the top of the tiled steps, but go up the next set of steps across the street, up into a small wooded area. That’s where the awesome view is supposed to be.

Take me out to the ball game: SF Giants vs AZ Diamondbacks

We were lucky enough to get some tickets to Tuesday’s San Francisco Giants game (the games are constantly sold out!).

It was Bruce Lee night, too.  (My pictures are sadly lacking our new Bruce Lee bobblehead.)

I was able to pick out pitcher Ryan Vogelsong warming up so many yards away. Gregor Blanco was so nice, always flipping baseballs into the stands.  (I didn’t see any Diamondbacks throwing balls into the stands. I’m just sayin’.)  And I saw Duane Kuiper, one of the awesome announcers, sitting out in the stands.

Overall, it was absolutely freezing, but so very fun. (Even if the Giants lost in extra innings.)


The Outer Sunset with Stephanie

Fun times with Stephanie exploring the Outer Sunset in San Francisco.

First stop — Outerlands. We got there before it opened, and yet the wait was still 1 hour and 45 minutes. We put our names down and traipsed off to nearby Ocean Beach. It was a extremely foggy (and dark and windy) day, but pretty typical for this time of year in SF.

After many, many attempts to get a beautiful scarf picture (like this one), we realized our scarves were seemingly made out of lead, so we walked back to Outerlands to await brunch.

Brunch was had (hello, Dutch pancake — you were amazing), and we went to Fort Funston for a beautiful view of SF to cap off the day. And Stephanie was able to capture my scarf a-flyin’ here.

PS: If Stephanie posts her pictures from the day, I’ll update this post and add a link here. (So Stephanie, please post your pics — the world wants to see them!) Be sure to check out Stephanie’s view of the day.