Our days are a little busier now…

…with our new arrival.

I am still debating about how much I should put online about our little fellow. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist putting pictures of him on here, so here we are.  I do know that he’s made me suddenly interested in taking pictures with my iPhone again, which is just so much quicker and easier than taking out my DSLR.

As for parenthood…

We are constantly sleep deprived and have no idea what we’re doing.

But we have managed to clear out his little stuffy nose and calm him down when he cries (most of the time).  Maybe we are slowly learning how to be parents!

I completely delight in the fact that he’s developed a big double chin.

His eyes seem to get bigger everyday.

Did I mention that we are sleep deprived? Because we really are.

He’s developed the ability to form tears, which seems like a completely unfair tactical advantage. Seeing the tears well up in his eyes and then sloooowly roll down his fat cheeks kills me.

He makes the cutest little grunting and mewing sounds.

I live for those few minutes when he is completely milk-drunk right after a feeding and is in the most contented of moods.

We are so happy to have him.


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