Stanley Park // Vancouver, Canada

Stanley Park in Vancouver was a sight to see.

Surrounded by water….

…you can walk around the perimeter of the park on the seawall.

And completely lush and green elsewhere, despite a gray day.


Traipsing around Hakone Gardens


I met up with Stephanie (from the awesome food photography blog Desserts for Breakfast) and traipsed around Hakone Gardens.  (I’ve also posted a trip there before.)  Despite the way harsh overhead light, it was still picturesque.  (And help me try to convince Stephanie to post her pics!) [Edited: She posted her pics! Check it out!]

PS: Thanks so much for all the comments and support about the Local Creators!  So much appreciated.  :)

~So great to meet you, Stephanie! Looking forward to future ice cream adventures with you!~


The best day of the week


So this weekend, I am going to rent the 35mm/1.4. That is L glass — the most optimum quality, pro-grade glass you can get with Canon. (And of course, its price reflects this.) I’ve never even touched L glass before. But that focal length and aperture is just so perfect for me… just so perfect. So I must try it.

Right now, I have a 35mm/2 lens, which was a good ol’ lens. (This picture above was taken with this lens.) Part of me hopes that there’s not much difference between the 35mm/1.4 and my 35mm/2 lens. Then I can be satisfied with what I have and continue living a frugal and simplistic life, nary a materialistic care in the world.

Or the 35mm/1.4 will blow my lens out of the water, and I’ll decide that I simply CANNOT LIVE without the lens and must have it right NOW. Then I’ll immediately purchase the lens before the weekend is over.

I’ll let you know on Monday how things turned out (with updates over Twitter). Anyone else have any fun plans for the weekend? Happy Friday!

PS: These are Venus Fly Traps! How cool is that? They were so wee. I wished they were larger, but wee is cute too.