the Cheshire Cat Inn // Santa Barbara, CA

We had a small stay at the Cheshire Cat Inn in Santa Barbara earlier this summer.

It was very charming. Full of knickknacks. Great location, too.

One thing I distinctly remember during our stay here was staying up late to surf the internet and watch all the news segments about the Higgs boson. For some reason, I was obsessed with it. (Specifically, trying to figure out what it meant! It only took, like, 20 articles before I understood.) Priorities.


The best day of the week


Just some random snapshots I took inside a hotel. I loved how they had a rotary phone that was digital. (So really, just a faux rotary phone, I suppose. Still, I found it charming.) Did you ever have to use a rotary phone? When I was much younger, our house still had one. I don’t think it’s that I am that old… more that my family was just that cheap. True story.

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is a fun one.