16th Ave Tiled Steps Project // San Francisco, CA

We took a mini trip to the Inner Sunset district of SF to see the Tiled Steps Project. The area’s supposed to give you amazing views of SF and the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, it was super foggy on the day we went, so no view for us. But that fog is just so quintessentially SF and gives such an interesting atmosphere in pictures that I can’t complain.

If you visit, be sure to not only walk to the top of the tiled steps, but go up the next set of steps across the street, up into a small wooded area. That’s where the awesome view is supposed to be.

Along Irving Street

During a walk in the Inner Sunset district in San Francisco, we chanced along a farmer’s market and a cute bakery…


PS: the bakery was so crowded and small that I could only get tight shots of its food with my 50mm. See, now if I had a 35mm… oh, one with f/1.4 for low light ability…. then I could totally take the shots I had wanted. (I’m totally going to buy the 35mm/1.4 soon, aren’t I? Sigh.)