Gratitudes of the day: dried flowers edition


Gratitudes of the day:

Finding out that strawberry is the flavor of the day at Beard Papa

Some sunny and mild weather

An unexpected email

Charming details, like the drying flowers in Stephanie’s backyard (picture above)

And a husband who came home early from work


Making apple cider donuts

Something I’m grateful for today is having photographer friends — none of us mind the constant pausing to take pictures, the moving of items just a few centimeters around to get the perfect shot, or the excitement over good light. Suffice to say, hanging out with Stephanie on Saturday for a mini photography adventure was awesome.

As Californians, we don’t have easy access to winter-y goodness like snow or apple cider donuts. The snow, we can’t do anything about. The apple cider donuts, however, we can! Stephanie suggested making these donuts and I couldn’t say yes fast enough. It wound up mostly her making the donuts while I took pictures (sorry, Stephanie!), but I’ll treat her to breakfast at Blue Bottle next time, so I think we’ll be square.

Be sure to check out Stephanie’s blog for the recipe and her photos from the day! (I’ll update with a link to her post when it goes live.) Updated: Stephanie posted her pictures, thoughts, and the recipe for these donuts on her blog — check it out!


Gratitude of the weekend: ice cream, baking, and laziness

A weekend roundup of my gratitude posts…

Gratitude of Friday
A fun dinner and pumpkin pie ice cream! Although I do have to say, the ice cream wasn’t as fantastic as other versions I’ve tried (Bi-Rite’s version stands out in my mind right now). But that’s okay — all the more reason to scope out other kinds. I didn’t have my camera on me, so here’s a snapshot with my (non-iphone) phone:

Gratitude of Saturday
Some baking fun that deserves a post of its own (it’ll be my next post tomorrow, on Monday night). But in the meantime, a sneak peek:


Gratitude of Sunday
Lazy Sundays. ‘Nuff said.

PS: As I was taking this picture, my hubby asked how the photo was turning out. “It looks like we live in a technological pig sty,” I said. (It’s true.)