Granville Island // Vancouver, Canada

Granville Island was such a fun spot in Vancouver. It reminded me a lot of Seattle’s Pike Place (without the fog), with its huge market area, beautiful views, food stands, and interesting shops. If you got there early enough (and not even that early — more like 9-10am), parking is free and plentiful.


At the farmers market // Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale has such a surprisingly lively farmers market. In the summer months, it’s usually held along the downtown street (because there’s just 1 downtown street, and it’s a block long), which gives it a really nice backdrop and shade.

I had just rented the 50mm/1.2 an hour prior, and decided to try it out at the farmers market. It just suited me to a tee. It was like slipping on an old pair of jeans. It also drew enough attention for 3 people to ask me about it (which is about 300% more comments than I normally get).

(Dang, I miss that lens already.)