The slow fall

Sometimes you just want to sit in a comfy recliner to gaze out the window and ponder life’s mysteries.

But sometimes your lack of neck and back control puts a damper on your plans.

And sometimes you have a terrible mama who sits there taking pictures of your sloooow fall down the recliner.

(Life is full of little indignities.)


The life of peonies

I got these peonies as a gift. They were still growing; some were still in tight buds. Within an hour of putting them into water, all of them opened.

It always astounds me at how quickly peonies change their bud shape. It’s almost surreal.

The next day, they were all open and a gorgeous hot pink color…

Two days later, they expanded even more but began losing color…

And two days later than that, they turned completely white and the petals fell…

I couldn’t bear to throw them away (does anyone else ever feel like this?), so my husband had to eventually dispose of them for me. I’ve been on the lookout for more, but haven’t found any (good ones) yet.

The power of a good meal and dear friends

For a few reasons, I took a break from photography and blogging this summer (…and autumn… and now we’re approaching the end of the year… yikes!). But one of the instances that brought back my love for photography was this get-together with 2 dear friends, Chrystine and Nicole. Chrystine hosted us at her house, and it could not have been more perfect.

We started off with appetizers…


…and some of the best tea I’ve ever had (ginseng oolong, I think?). It left you with a sweet taste in the back of your throat, almost like honey.

Then we moved on to the main course, cooked by Chrystine herself:

the best steak salad ever with butter-and-garlic roasted mushrooms and butter lettuce, with a side of potatoes au gratin with cheese and bacon (sadly not photographed because I instantly started eating it).

And even though we were stuffed, we still had room for coffee and chocolate.


But even topping that was the company and conversation. (~Thank you, N & C, for the lovely day!)