The Train of Lights


This year, I desperately wanted to ride the Train of Lights, a train decorated with Christmas lights that makes an hour-long round trip in the East Bay. I wasn’t able to get tickets before Christmas (sold out weeks in advance!) but some tickets were still available for this week post-Christmas, so I snapped them up.

We drove up to Fremont, and then took a shuttle from the parking lot to the train station…


(PS: How wonderful is the iPhone 4S? I loved being able to take pictures with it in cramped spaces like the shuttle.)

After the shuttle ride, we boarded the train, and off we went! …And then we stopped. About 10 minutes into the trip, there was a loud metal crashing/screeching sound and a jolt… and I looked off into the doorway of the train car in front of us, only to see their car continuing to slowly roll down the tracks while our car stayed put. Our cars had separated! Thankfully, the other part of the train stopped about 15 feet away (and didn’t continue on without us!). About 30 minutes later with some work by the technicians on-board, we were on our way again.

Overall, a good trip… but I’d recommend not sitting in the enclosed train car like we did, and instead sit in the open cars to really get the full experience. Ah well, next time.