On a sunny afternoon…


It’s been so sunny and warm here lately. This picture was taken on one of those afternoons.

On a totally unrelated note, the Canon 5d mkiii has been preoccupying my mind lately! I even had a dream that I was looking through the viewfinder of one and wanted to take a picture of a lamp in very low light. I pressed the shutter button, and the autofocus system worked instantly. I then lowered the camera and said, “Wow, the mkiii is amazing.” (Yes, this is how interesting my dreams are.)


Happy, happy birthday to Penny

It’s someone’s birthday today…

…someone who thinks they can hide in paper bags…


…someone who is curious…


…someone who loves tissue paper so very much…


…it’s Penny! She turns a ripe old 4 years of age today. We’ve had her for 2 years and our lives (and our carpets, which used to be stain-free) will never be the same. Happy birthday, Penny.

Penny and her ping pong ball


I tried to take some pictures of our cat (Penny) at home but no matter what angle I tried to shoot her from, she’d roll her eyes (mentally, but I’m sure she’d do it physically if possible) and deliberately turn her head away. We tried to tempt her into playing with a ping pong ball, but she just stared at it disdainfully. (The shot above was sadly the best I could get.)

So I thought I’d show a video my fiance made last summer, of Penny in her sprightlier days, learning to play with a ping pong ball (and be sure to turn on the sound to hear Penny’s theme song):