16th Ave Tiled Steps Project // San Francisco, CA

We took a mini trip to the Inner Sunset district of SF to see the Tiled Steps Project. The area’s supposed to give you amazing views of SF and the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, it was super foggy on the day we went, so no view for us. But that fog is just so quintessentially SF and gives such an interesting atmosphere in pictures that I can’t complain.

If you visit, be sure to not only walk to the top of the tiled steps, but go up the next set of steps across the street, up into a small wooded area. That’s where the awesome view is supposed to be.

Chrystine and Nicole in Hakone Gardens

Nicole and Chrystine were kind enough to come out to Hakone Gardens on short notice and let me use my rented lens on them (yes, the same 50mm/1.2 I’ve been talking about seemingly forever — what can I say? I took a lot of pictures during that week!). I shot everything that day at f/1.2 despite the bright, sunny day because darn it, that lens demands it. (And thank goodness for tall trees and lots of shade.)

~ Thanks for putting up with me, N and C! You guys are wonderful.~

Road trip to Santa Barbara // Day 1

Road trip! We decided to visit Santa Barbara for a few days, and it was amazing. So much good food. So much to do! And surprisingly hazy/misty. But still so nice. It’s now my most favorite southern California city.

PS: That McConnell’s ice cream… The. Best. Ice Cream I’ve ever had. Better than Bi-Rite. There, I said it. It’s a bold statement, but I stand by it.

The places we visited on our first day:
Fat Cat Cafe // 1085 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo
Alexander Theater // 1317 State St, Santa Barbara
Anderson’s Danish Bakery // 1106 State St, Santa Barbara
Carlitos Cafe y Cantina // 1324 State St, Santa Barbara
McConnell’s Ice Cream // 201 W Mission St, Santa Barbara