Andersen’s Danish Bakery // Santa Barbara, CA

Oh, Santa Barbara. The food was so good. One of our favorite places was Andersen’s in downtown — amazing brunch foods and pastries.  Any place that gives you free pastries as an appetizer for brunch is a-okay in my book.

I haven’t had much of an appetite for brunch recently but revisiting these pictures is making me rethink it. (You probably wouldn’t guess from this blog, but breakfast/brunch is my least favorite meal of the day — I usually wind up getting savory lunch foods during brunches. But on the rare occasion that I get breakfast foods, it pops up on the blog. It’s just more photogenic, I guess!)

Andersen’s Danish Bakery
1106 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101


The Local Creators: HannaH Coffee, Tea & Sweets

A new profile is up on the Local Creators! Check out how things get made at HannaH Coffee, Tea & Sweets.  Hannah also fulfilled a dream of mine — the one where I’m in a bakery at the end of the day, and the baker insists that I take home free delicious baked goods. (That’s pretty much everyone’s dream, right?)  Thank you, Hannah!

HannaH Coffee, Tea & Sweets
754 The Alameda Ste #80
San Jose, CA 95126

Dinner in Clover Bakery

A hidden gem of a place is Clover Bakery. Locals know that they make the best Japanese baked goods in town — possibly even in the bay area. (A bold statement, but I stand by it.) We always went in for a pastry or two, but were a little confused when the bakery started serving dinner. Dinner, in a bakery? Eventually, we got over the oddness of it (after all, ramen is served in the grocery store in the same plaza) and decided it was high time to try it.

Boy, were we missing out all this time! This is the first time I felt like I was having a truly authentic Japanese food experience. The tonkatsu was easily the best I’ve ever had. The food even impressed J., who has quite a sophisticated palette for Japanese food. We’ll definitely be back.


Clover Bakery
4324A Moorpark Ave
San Jose, CA