Making apple cider donuts

Something I’m grateful for today is having photographer friends — none of us mind the constant pausing to take pictures, the moving of items just a few centimeters around to get the perfect shot, or the excitement over good light. Suffice to say, hanging out with Stephanie on Saturday for a mini photography adventure was awesome.

As Californians, we don’t have easy access to winter-y goodness like snow or apple cider donuts. The snow, we can’t do anything about. The apple cider donuts, however, we can! Stephanie suggested making these donuts and I couldn’t say yes fast enough. It wound up mostly her making the donuts while I took pictures (sorry, Stephanie!), but I’ll treat her to breakfast at Blue Bottle next time, so I think we’ll be square.

Be sure to check out Stephanie’s blog for the recipe and her photos from the day! (I’ll update with a link to her post when it goes live.) Updated: Stephanie posted her pictures, thoughts, and the recipe for these donuts on her blog — check it out!