Chrystine and Nicole in Hakone Gardens

Nicole and Chrystine were kind enough to come out to Hakone Gardens on short notice and let me use my rented lens on them (yes, the same 50mm/1.2 I’ve been talking about seemingly forever — what can I say? I took a lot of pictures during that week!). I shot everything that day at f/1.2 despite the bright, sunny day because darn it, that lens demands it. (And thank goodness for tall trees and lots of shade.)

~ Thanks for putting up with me, N and C! You guys are wonderful.~


McWay Falls // Big Sur, CA


During a trip to Big Sur, we planned on heading to McWay Falls, a waterfall that empties directly into the Pacific. Unfortunately, you can’t get too close, but still. Gorgeous view anyway.


We originally thought it’d be a 1-2 mile hike to the falls, but it turned out to be like .1 mile from the parking lot. (So I loved this area from the start.) Just pass through a short tunnel, walk up a short trail, and done. There you are.


As beautiful as the view of the falls was, if you turn around from the viewpoint, this was the scene directly behind you.  Such a stunning viewpoint, either direction you look.