A sweet celebration // Off Switch Magazine

I was so honored to be asked by Off Switch Magazine to shoot a beautiful event hosted by Britty and Chris Wesely to celebrate the journey and culmination of becoming foster parents.  To read Britty’s touching words and see the accompanying pictures, check out the celebration on page 61 in issue 5 of Off Switch magazine (located in full here).

I thought I’d put a few outtakes/extra pictures from the celebration here — the party was too gorgeous not to.

By the way, all issues of Off Switch are now available online (for free!), so if you have a few minutes to spare, I highly recommend leisurely browsing through them — it is a wonderful magazine, full of great articles and beautiful pictures.


The power of a good meal and dear friends

For a few reasons, I took a break from photography and blogging this summer (…and autumn… and now we’re approaching the end of the year… yikes!). But one of the instances that brought back my love for photography was this get-together with 2 dear friends, Chrystine and Nicole. Chrystine hosted us at her house, and it could not have been more perfect.

We started off with appetizers…


…and some of the best tea I’ve ever had (ginseng oolong, I think?). It left you with a sweet taste in the back of your throat, almost like honey.

Then we moved on to the main course, cooked by Chrystine herself:

the best steak salad ever with butter-and-garlic roasted mushrooms and butter lettuce, with a side of potatoes au gratin with cheese and bacon (sadly not photographed because I instantly started eating it).

And even though we were stuffed, we still had room for coffee and chocolate.


But even topping that was the company and conversation. (~Thank you, N & C, for the lovely day!)

Take me out to the ball game: SF Giants vs AZ Diamondbacks

We were lucky enough to get some tickets to Tuesday’s San Francisco Giants game (the games are constantly sold out!).

It was Bruce Lee night, too.  (My pictures are sadly lacking our new Bruce Lee bobblehead.)

I was able to pick out pitcher Ryan Vogelsong warming up so many yards away. Gregor Blanco was so nice, always flipping baseballs into the stands.  (I didn’t see any Diamondbacks throwing balls into the stands. I’m just sayin’.)  And I saw Duane Kuiper, one of the awesome announcers, sitting out in the stands.

Overall, it was absolutely freezing, but so very fun. (Even if the Giants lost in extra innings.)