A weekend trip // Marin County, CA

We’d never much explored Marin County and the north bay, so we decided to make a weekend of it. It’s beautiful, but so surprisingly different from the south bay/peninsula/San Francisco. So much less populated and congested. I was amazed to see that by 8pm, the bustling downtown areas of the major cities were effectively shut down. Even restaurants! (On the plus side, that meant that parking was always very easy to find.)

Some places visited:
Tiburon ~ Mill Valley ~ Larkspur ~ Fairfax ~ Sausalito ~ San Rafael
the Hummingbird Cafe // Fairfax, CA (very highly recommended!)
Fat Angel Bakery // Fairfax, CA
Fish. // Sausalito, CA
the Depot Cafe & Bookstore // Mill Valley
China Camp State Park // San Rafael, CA


19 thoughts on “A weekend trip // Marin County, CA

  1. your 6d photos are great!thanks for sharing your 6d experience.
    so envy you can explore the area during weekend…such a luxury for me these days…

  2. The sweetness, the quiet, the buzz, and the peace… they flow together in just the right way in these. I’d love to trek back northward in the very near future. And so I may just.

  3. So lovely! That brick wall/restaurant table reflection shot is especially stunning. Maybe I’ll head there this fall instead of SF. :) (Yes, I’m planning a road trip, and we totally need to meet up!)

  4. pictures are nice and crisp and clear. Is that the Nikon D600. I see you made reference to a 6d, now that I think about it probably the Cannon. Good photos!

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