Japadog // Vancouver, Canada


If you go to Vancouver, you must try Japadog. It is unreal — AMAZINGLY delicious hot dogs with a serious Japanese twist. They have stands in multiple locations throughout the city, including one right outside of the Vancouver airport (and our hotel!). It is the only place we went to twice during our stay. (And if we go back to Vancouver, we’d definitely hit it up again.)


10 thoughts on “Japadog // Vancouver, Canada

  1. Yummm. I would totally risk a migraine for the deliciousness. (I’ve given up hot dogs, bacon, etc since processed meat is a big trigger for me – I know, sad face!) You make them look so good!

  2. wow, japanese style hot dog, my, so yummy! mouth watering…..!
    This set of shots have lot brighter/sunnier tone than your others shots….but all look great!

  3. Some of the best hot dogs I’ve ever eaten where from street vendors in New York City, when I was younger. Now my wife and I try hot dogs from were ever we are , I’m sure we would not pass those up. Great shots, enjoyed looking at the dogs.

  4. Whoa! I’ve never seen hot dogs like that before! If I ever find myself in Vancouver, I’ll definitely remember to look out for Japadog. These are wonderful photos!

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