A little thank you gift

I took a little break from social media and photography this summer. A little detox. I’m starting to come back, but slowly.

I was looking over many hundreds of some photographs I took this summer but never posted. This was one of them — I had received some chocolates as a thank you gift.

(If only all photoshoots could end with chocolate!)

It was a good reminder to me that I shouldn’t forget the little things in life. Sometimes I’m so keen on the big, huge ideas that I forget to appreciate the little ones, which can be just as good.


12 thoughts on “A little thank you gift

  1. Such lovely packaging! It can be all to easy to overlook little things, which is one of the things I love best about photography – it makes you really see them. And I’m right there with you on taking a break (or just being too busy with other things). I definitely needed time to try and get my groove back!

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