Take me out to the ball game: SF Giants vs AZ Diamondbacks

We were lucky enough to get some tickets to Tuesday’s San Francisco Giants game (the games are constantly sold out!).

It was Bruce Lee night, too.  (My pictures are sadly lacking our new Bruce Lee bobblehead.)

I was able to pick out pitcher Ryan Vogelsong warming up so many yards away. Gregor Blanco was so nice, always flipping baseballs into the stands.  (I didn’t see any Diamondbacks throwing balls into the stands. I’m just sayin’.)  And I saw Duane Kuiper, one of the awesome announcers, sitting out in the stands.

Overall, it was absolutely freezing, but so very fun. (Even if the Giants lost in extra innings.)


7 thoughts on “Take me out to the ball game: SF Giants vs AZ Diamondbacks

  1. The last time I was in SF I got to go to a Giants game and it was the first time where I didn’t need any visual cues to know if something good/bad happened. I groaned when the crowd groaned. I jumped to my feet when the crowd jumped to their feet. That kind of fun is pretty priceless.

    Your photos are making me sad that I won’t have time to catch a game on my next visit!

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