Road trip to Santa Barbara // Day 2

Day two of our trip to Santa Barbara (see day 1 here) was packed.  We started with brunch (such amazing food at Jeannine’s, goodness), and then headed off to the courthouse. Yes, the courthouse! It was pointed out as a hidden gem on Yelp, so I dragged my disbelieving husband to it.

Lo and behold, it was one of the highlights of the trip! Beautiful architecture, really pretty lighting, and its tower gives you one of the highest views of Santa Barbara. And it’s free! I highly, highly recommend.

Our lunch at Panino was also great. They had so many different kinds of sandwiches — 10 vegetarian sandwich choices alone! (I’m not a vegetarian, but even I have to appreciate that selection.) Suffice to say, Santa Barbara’s food rocks. It seriously exceeded my expectations. It is a foodie culture, but not in that pretentious kind of way — just really good food with very reasonable prices. I’m in love.

Last up for the day was the Douglas Family Preserve, which provided a beautiful view from a cliff of the sun setting. Another gem I recommend. It’s so funny — a place like that in the San Francisco bay area would be swarmed with photographers shooting weddings or portraits, but not so in Santa Barbara. Ho hum, just another gorgeous spot with amazing lighting. :P

Places visited:
Jeannine’s Restaurant // 15 E. Figueroa St
Santa Barbara Courthouse // 1100 Anacapa St
The French Press // 1101 State St
Panino // 834 Santa Barbara St
Douglas Family Preserve // Medcliff Rd & Selrose Ln


17 thoughts on “Road trip to Santa Barbara // Day 2

  1. You really have a knack for architecture photos, Jacqueline.
    I love how colorful the houses are! It seems like a beautiful place to visit and/or live.

  2. I stumbled upon your blog while googling SB road trips. We may follow your two day road trip itinerary on our next 3 day weekend. Your pics are lovely, thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to go!

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