A guaranteed way to make me happy

My most favorite cupcake place, Susiecakes Bakery, opened up a location further south on the peninsula in Menlo Park.  So naturally, we had to stop by and pick up a few cupcakes.  We picked up vanilla, strawberry (my favorite, although I’m really warming up to vanilla), and peanut butter and jelly (a seasonal flavor).  I couldn’t bring myself to try it, but my husband said it was de-li-ci-ous.

Happy Friday, by the way!   I’ll be meeting up with some flickr folks this weekend, so I’m psyched.  Hope your weekend is a fun one.


10 thoughts on “A guaranteed way to make me happy

  1. Jackie- I totally went to the Menlo Park location a few weeks ago and got the strawberry per your recommendation! The frosting really was so delicious :-) The red velvet was good too. I also liked the whoopie pie as it was more cookie like than cake

    • Yay! I’m glad you liked it! I had a mini red velvet one, but it was just okay. The vanilla and strawberry are stand-outs, I think. Have yet to try the whoopie pie, but it sounds great!

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