Stern Grove // San Francisco, CA

I don’t know much about Stern Grove (a small area in Golden Gate Park) except that it’s a venue often used for concerts or weddings. But it’s a sweet little spot. And parking was SO easy. (Such a treat in SF.)


12 thoughts on “Stern Grove // San Francisco, CA

  1. Being a resident of S.F. for decades, I never went into Stern Grove! Wondered what it’s like in there with concerts there all the time

  2. one of my favorite parks! my hubby and I go there often for our weekend walks…
    don’t you love how beautiful those flowering trees there look right now?
    also, Stern Grove is not a part of a GG park, and it has really colorful history, you should check it out:

    I think, one of these days we will cross paths :)

  3. oh, i love this place! we took our son to a classical music concert there last year, oh I am so glad we did! especially we found the spot in the wood, very memorable moment! and your shots, wow, especially the 1st and last one, just beautiful, speechless….

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