Big Sur Bakery // Big Sur, CA

While in Big Sur, I knew one place I wanted to try out solely because of Rick Poon’s blog post. (His post puts mine to shame, but I’m still forging ahead anyway.)

Big Sur Bakery is now my most favorite cafe on the coast, rivaling my most favorite cafe in the Bay Area (which is Sideboard in Danville, CA). The food: amazing. The ambiance: charmingly rustic and laid-back. The staff: so very nice. Did I mention the food? Because it was ridiculously good.

To show you some of the surrounding area, this is a view of the coast nearby. Big Sur is stunning. More pics to come.


10 thoughts on “Big Sur Bakery // Big Sur, CA

  1. That food looks delicious, both great looking food and a great photo! I can’t work out why we don’t have any Big Sur photos from our trip but I can’t imagine that they would be as rich looking as that one above anyway. Excellent. I can’t wait to see more pictures.

  2. Those pancakes look so delicious. I feel like I’ve seen this bakery on 101 Cookbooks.
    That photo of the coastline is print worthy, you know.

  3. I wish I had tried that gorgeous pancake when I was there last time :)
    beautiful pictures, and Rick’s post doesn’t put yours to shame, can’t wait to see more…

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