Using the monotone picture style

Do you shoot with your camera’s monotone picture style? I shoot in RAW, so I usually don’t think about picture styles (which don’t transfer over to RAW files). But the other day, I remembered how fun the monotone picture style is! So I switched over to JPEG, turned on the monotone style, upped its sharpening and the contrast, and pretended I was shooting black-and-white film. (These pics are SOOC!) Super fun. I should do this more often.


18 thoughts on “Using the monotone picture style

  1. Your pictures had that vintage, days of yesteryear appeal and reminder when I started exploring – monochromes.. and the like in 2011. Flowers reminded me of some antique paintings of flowers in vase my grandmother had hanging over her bed. I also love black&whites,

  2. these are beautiful!
    I see we both share the love for ranunculus. they are pretty in both color and b&w… I think my favorite is the second shot with contrasting background light.

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