Some puppy adorableness

Meet Misty, my dad’s new 4-month-old beagle puppy. She’s one of the most playful pups I’ve seen. And so, so quick — hardly a still moment with her! (And I now have some extra respect for animal photographers.)

Misty’s not quite housebroken yet, but this day was particularly hard for her. After the 5th (6th? I lost count) time going to the bathroom on the floor, she knew she was in some trouble. So naturally, she tried to atone by sitting in my husband’s lap and getting as cute as could be…

…But all that playing around finally caught up with her and she fell asleep. So cute.


21 thoughts on “Some puppy adorableness

  1. Oh my gosh she is adorable! We looked after a puggle (part beagle part pug) for a few weeks and he was the most beautiful thing. Beagles have such lovely faces.

    P xo

  2. Oh for the love of cute! She’s adorable! It can definitely be tough waiting for just the right moment. :) Love that jumping blurry face shot!

  3. awww~ so darn cute. They do know how to look cute after doing things that they’re not supposed to do. Although cats are exceptions to this rule. They are unapologetic :)

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