How to make Irish coffee

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, JD made some Irish coffee. So delicious! And so simple.

The oh-so-simple recipe:

Start off with 2 tsp salted caramel hot chocolate.


If you’re naughty, add in a shot a Bailey’s Irish Cream.


But if you’re nice and don’t want alcohol, scoop in more hot chocolate mix.  And some Blue Agave sweetener for an extra special something.


Add in 12 – 16 oz. fresh coffee and mix well.


Top with whipped cream, and add in a cinnamon stick.

And enjoy!


14 thoughts on “How to make Irish coffee

  1. Hey Jackie, you know there’s a spot in SF that does an Irish Coffee using fresh brewed Ritual? I’ve been meaning to try it. Still think it’s better to go home-made as you did though. Looks awesome =)

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