On a sunny afternoon…


It’s been so sunny and warm here lately. This picture was taken on one of those afternoons.

On a totally unrelated note, the Canon 5d mkiii has been preoccupying my mind lately! I even had a dream that I was looking through the viewfinder of one and wanted to take a picture of a lamp in very low light. I pressed the shutter button, and the autofocus system worked instantly. I then lowered the camera and said, “Wow, the mkiii is amazing.” (Yes, this is how interesting my dreams are.)


21 thoughts on “On a sunny afternoon…

  1. Beauitful light! Penny looks so inquisitive here. I too have been drooling over 5dm3, on top of the just launched ipad… My poor bank account. I have those type of dreams too. When I first got my Contax, I had many dreams of not being able to get the film in there and feeling all sweaty when I woke up, ha! Talk about world’s most pressing worry, right?

  2. Such a sweet picture of Penny.

    Hope that dream of yours becomes a reality! Last night I had a horrible dream about people turning into evil dogs and chasing me. Not sure what that means…

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