Emma Prusch Farm Park // San Jose, CA

One of the things that’s on my photography short list is photographing farm animals. So when my husband found out about Emma Prusch Park, a park in which chickens, peacocks, and sheep were wandering around, I was psyched. Chickens were indeed roaming around, but the rest of the animals were penned up. Still, such a charming place. And it was free!

(Although I did learn that chickens don’t really like me. One saw me standing 5 feet away and let out a long, sustained scream. I didn’t even know they could do that.)

Still on the short list: cows and horses. Still trying to figure out it’s possible to photograph them in the bay area.

Emma Prusch Farm Park
647 S King Rd
San Jose, CA 95116



11 thoughts on “Emma Prusch Farm Park // San Jose, CA

  1. As always, your photos are beautiful. You’re not alone in the “chickens don’t like me” department. My youngest daughter got “pecked” by a chicken when she was 3 and to this day, every now and then, she still snuggles up in my lap and says “Mommy, do you remember when PawPaw’s mean chicken pecked me?” She says it in the most pitiful voice…it makes me want to cry and laugh all at once. Makes me wonder what she’d have to say about your photos though…

  2. Props to your hubby for finding it!

    HA! I’m sure the chicken was just making you aware that she was in charge.

    I would love to photograph horses too. I should look into where I could go do that. I know there are plenty around!

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