A Russian food magazine

A picture of mine was published in a Russian food magazine called Pervoe Vtoroe Tretye, for their autumn issue. I can’t read a word of the magazine, but it looks really charming!

In case you’d like to see what a Russian food magazine looks like, I took a few pics.

The cover and some food shots (not mine):

Not my photo, but I just loved the basket of flowers:

Here’s my photo, placed in an article on pumpkins:

Happy weekend!


18 thoughts on “A Russian food magazine

  1. Congratulations on your magazine feature! That’s so exciting! Too bad we don’t get that magazine here in the US. I’d be pretty interested in looking at all of those yummy food photos!

  2. Congrats, Jackie! Your work is well deserving. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get a copy of one of their back issues since they used a photo of mine a few months ago. Would you mind sending me a direct message on Twitter letting me know how you got yours? Thx!

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