A trip to the Marina district


I know a lot of locals don’t like the Marina district (it has the reputation for being kind of yuppie), but I like it. It has great food places, my favorite cupcake shop (Susie’s Cupcakes — see a previous post on it here), and is walking distance from the marina. So we took a trip up there to try out one of the hot spot for burgers — Umami Burger — and walk around. Umami turned out to be good… but it didn’t top my favorite burger place, which was around the corner. I’ll have to blog about that burger place sometime in the future.

Also, happy weekend, folks!





walking around2





13 thoughts on “A trip to the Marina district

  1. beautiful photos!! did you try any fries? the sweet potato fries & smushed potatoes (I think that’s what they’re called) were my favorite part when I went to Umami in LA. SO DELISH.

  2. Okay is it me, or does those soda pop bottles look like they’re kidding? lol. Love the burgers.. they look delicious. I can’t wait to see photos of your favorite burger joint. I also LOVE the vibrant flower photos.. stunning. Happy Weekend :)

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