A mini adventure at Specialty’s Cafe

specialty's intro

I’ve never featured one of my favorite sandwich places — Specialty’s Cafe — on this blog because it just didn’t seem fun or exciting enough. But the mood struck, and I decided to take my camera there anyway. And I’m glad I did! I need to get back into photographing the mini daily adventures, instead of just the bigger ones. Getting back to my roots! (And to help get back to my roots, I even used my good old 50mm instead of my 35mm! Ch-ch-ch-changes!)





20 thoughts on “A mini adventure at Specialty’s Cafe

  1. Someone else blogged about choc chip cookies the other day. You have solidified my craving. I smiled at your first paragraph. You are gorgeous. :) I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about what to blog, how to blog etc. Glad to see you remembering your old groove as well as your awesome big adventures. x

  2. I reeeeaaaally love your blog! I found something very special in photographers who shoot dailylife or different places like you did……I think you really have your own style, and that’s why i’m going to follow you hehe ! ;) great work! congrats!

  3. Nothing wrong with sharing one of your favorite places! I think it’s a great challenge to photograph a place that isn’t necessarily “magazine-worthy”. And of course you made it look awesome! :)

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