A foggy and butterfly-filled morning in Pacific Grove

We visited Pacific Grove one morning. Lovely small town next to Monterey. First up was a sanctuary for Monarch butterflies (a brief resting spot for them as they travel south). An FYI: a 35mm lens is definitely the wrong lens to bring to a butterfly sanctuary. There were hundreds of butterflies high up in the trees, but it’s impossible to tell with a wide angle lens.

The Monarch grove sanctuary…

And then we walked around the coast of Pacific Grove before heading home. A nicely foggy morning.

(PS: Some of you mentioned VSCO presets on my pics — yup, I got them for Christmas! I actually didn’t use them on my previous post (the coffee break one), but I have used them on this post.)


20 thoughts on “A foggy and butterfly-filled morning in Pacific Grove

  1. I am captivated by the tree in the 11th photo. WOW.. that shot is amazing. And the butterfly shots are simply amazing and beautiful. I truly believe you capture moments that speak without words. Beautiful

  2. oh, wow, so gorgeous. okay, i’m making sure that my boy and i stop here when we head up to the bay next month. we’ve been getting some monarch butterflies in socal, but gosh, i’d love to see some more life!

  3. omg, the last set of beachy pictures is making my heart flutter. i just love the combination of fog, sand, rocks and water. man oh man. i’m on the wrong coast.

  4. Lovely morning! Love the fog, the trees leaning and the dogs! When we were there in 2010 summer, we couldn’t believe how much the weather changed from one bay to the next in that area. One bay would be grey and foggy and the next blue sky with sunshine!

  5. Yay for VSCO! Well you may have brought the wrong lens, but you sure as hell made the best of it. That older gentleman looks like a real character. :) I loved Pacific Grove, last time I was up there that’s where we stayed, in a Victorian home B&B. Made me so happy!

  6. These photos are just beautiful! I can’t wait to visit the West Coast – we have friends living in San Jose and San Fran so we will be over there are some stage and Pacific Grove is on my to do list!

    P xo

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