A break for some coffee


Sometimes we all need a coffee break, right? I had some time off this month and thought I’d be posting a million things here… but got too busy doing all sorts of errands or traveling, and too lazy to process the photos. Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things now that things are settling down. Fingers crossed!


24 thoughts on “A break for some coffee

  1. I hear that. Sometimes a break shouldn’t be used for all the work/projects that’ve piled up while you were busy doing other things: Sometimes a break is meant to go have adventures and let go of the routines and expectations, right? (I hope right).

    Also, this really makes me want a coffee break, and it’s 11pm at night.

  2. Yum! I miss coffee sooooo much right now! I’m a coffeeholic! I’ve given it up until my husband comes home [March!] Not sure how this will play out… Beautiful shot though, like above – I didn’t know coffee in paper cups could look so good!

  3. Great shot; love the light! Do I detect a hint of VSCO here? I’ve been wanting to try out their presets; everyone seems to be getting some great results with them.

  4. Everyone needs a break sometime! :) But now you’ve got me craving a latte, and I’ve been so good! I just got the VSCO set, so I think I’ll be a processing machine in the foreseeable future. ;)

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