iPhone Snapshots of Monterey


We took a mini trip to Monterey, which was so lovely. I haven’t yet processed my DSLR photos, but here are some pictures from my iPhone. Pictures from my camera to come!

PS: I heart my iPhone so much. The apps are amazing. And I have a serious addiction to Instagram. Are you on it? Hit me up — my name is @jackiejaszka.



19 thoughts on “iPhone Snapshots of Monterey

  1. John and I always stop at Monterey (or at PG/Seaside/Carmel) on our way to Tassajara. Last time we did Lovers Point for Christmas and I finally tried my 300mm :) I love how spirited the Bay is and how photogenic.

    Oh, and my Instagram addiction dates since a year ago, but now that they updated the filters it really rocks.

  2. I’m been trying to get Cory to get me an iphone for my upcoming birthday and when you posted this, I shared the link with him and he couldn’t believe they were taken with a phone! Haha! Looks like a truly lovely place.

  3. I took my dslr with me for vacation this time, and only used it for half of the time. And ended up using my hubby’s iphone the rest! These are great iphone shots!

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