Oh HAI and free film actions


I came across some really nice Photoshop actions by Siebe Warmoeskerken and thought I’d spread the good word. I love that look of film photos, so I’m a sucker for any processing that replicates it well (hopefully Santa will hear my call for VSCO film presets). The key word there is “well” — I think we all have some actions that result in way overblown “film” processing (blech!). But I was psyched to see that Siebe not only captured the subtlety and beauty of film — but he did it and offered it for free! (What?!) Be sure to check it out on his blog here.  (Updated: looks like the set is no longer available for free, sorry!)

PS: This photo was my test photo — I ran Siebe’s Fuji 160NS at full opacity on it. I love it!


13 thoughts on “Oh HAI and free film actions

  1. I resisted going the preset route until I found one that worked for me, and VSCO was it. Now I’m going back and VSCOing a bunch of archived work haha. This one looks nice as well!

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