Farmers market at the Ferry Building

The Ferry Building in SF has a Saturday farmers market that isn’t much bigger than the others I’ve seen, but somehow it seems so much more interesting. Some snapshots of the farmers market a few weeks ago…



23 thoughts on “Farmers market at the Ferry Building

  1. Every time you post about SF, I think to myself: gosh, I would have had such a different SF experience had I been there with you as a guide. :)

    This is lovely. What you’ve nailed is the magic in the air at the market, you know?

  2. Yummm the loose fruit and veg looks so amazing. Is it totally lame to say that I’ve been sitting here for the last 5 minutes watching the snow drift over these lovely photos? :)

  3. I love coming to the Ferry Building for farmer’s market. Well done with these shots! I haven’t been coming here that often lately because they don’t allow Suki =(

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