My weekend in iPhone shots

I got an iPhone this weekend! As a now-former Android user, I still have many questions… but I mostly immersed myself with the photos. I’m still trying to get the hang of it, like:

* not leaving the thick plastic peel covering the camera (like I did for all of Friday and Saturday, so the photos are blurrier and not crisp)
* learning how to control the exposure (is it even possible?)
* finding out a way to sync the photos to my computer without having to upgrade to the latest OS
* discovering the best filters (I currently use Instagram’s filters, but there must be other good ones, right?)
* taking better pics in general

But I’m psyched to learn! Can’t wait.

PS: Instagram is crazy addicting. It’s like tumblr on crack.



12 thoughts on “My weekend in iPhone shots

  1. Congrats!! I took phone photos over the weekend and had planned on doing this style of post too. But alas, my phone is in no way “smart” so the process of uploading them to the computer/blog is just long and difficult. Need my IT guy (husband) to do it for me! One day I will enter this world! x

  2. Yep, isn’t it addictive? Yes, there are apps that you can use to control exposure, levels, colors, saturation, add borders, light leaks, etc. My favorite apps are ShakeIt, Cameramatic, PictureShow. Other ones you can check out are Camera+ and photogene. I haven’t quite warmed up to Hipstamatic, but it’s a lot of fun. And I just recently found out about Phonto which allows you to put cool text on your images.

  3. Congrats! I can tell that you and the iPhone are getting along swimmingly. NIce first batch of shots. My photo app of choice is Camera+, which has a wide range of filters and overall very easy to use in processing/taking pictures.

  4. I was just about to say that Karleen is a great source for what’s hot in the iPhone photo app world haha. As far as uploading, if you don’t want to use iCloud syncing with iPhoto, another solution is using Dropbox. Just drop the photos you want into a folder in the Dropbox app and poof, they’re in your computer. Oh, and you can lock exposure by tapping and holding on a point on the screen until the focus box flashes, basically a spot metering technique with an AE lock option. Or as mentioned, use Camera+ , which lets you set focus and exposure points separately. Have fun, and great first shots!

  5. Yaaay you got one! Can’t wait to see what more you do. :) To control exposure/focus, just tap at the thing you want to focus on when you’ve got the camera up. It’ll adjust accordingly. Pretty darn cool.

  6. Hey hey! You’ve joined the club! High-five!

    As for exposure control, what you’ll probably want to know is how to specifically lock the focus *and* exposure: press *and hold* for several seconds. :)

  7. Ah! So jealous! I can’t wait to see all you instagram adventures!

    PS: At first I thought my eyeballs were going crazy… and then I realized it was snowing on your blog, haha!

  8. Ahhh! You guys are killing me. There’s no way I can afford to join the club but I will be watching your instagrams from afar via my camera-less iPad. :) And I happen to enjoy the slightly blurry result from leaving the plastic cover on!

  9. I just discovered Big Lens. It’s an app to create depth of field . It’s a little painstaking process to do it by hand, but it’s accurate and looks decent.

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