Gratitudes of the day: dried flowers edition


Gratitudes of the day:

Finding out that strawberry is the flavor of the day at Beard Papa

Some sunny and mild weather

An unexpected email

Charming details, like the drying flowers in Stephanie’s backyard (picture above)

And a husband who came home early from work


24 thoughts on “Gratitudes of the day: dried flowers edition

  1. a) I am loving how your simple gratitudes are bringing such loveliness to my mind.
    b) I’m fighting the VSCO temptation, myself. But, I keep thinking that it’s all just the buzz of it… that I should embrace my own processing methods before jumping on a train that looks rad, but might not even be totally me. Still a struggle, though!

  2. such a beautiful shot Jacqueline, i love the dreamy dof here! dried flowers are really lovely, especially the smell of dried lavender, so soothing and calm :) love your list of what you’re giving thanks to!

  3. Such nice buttery bokeh! Shot with your 35mm 1.4 lens? Reading some of the comments above, I couldn’t hold back from VSCO. Got it and am having fun playing around with it. I am impressed with the presets so far, but not sure if I’d 100% recommend it. We’ll see how I feel about it after a month.

  4. I love this simple listing of things you are grateful for, big or small. I think I did so many of “big” things I am grateful for because I wanted to make sure I covered everything, but it’s important to remember the “little” things we’re thankful for, like husbands coming home early.


    Also, this photo is dynamite!

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