Gratitude of the weekend: ice cream, baking, and laziness

A weekend roundup of my gratitude posts…

Gratitude of Friday
A fun dinner and pumpkin pie ice cream! Although I do have to say, the ice cream wasn’t as fantastic as other versions I’ve tried (Bi-Rite’s version stands out in my mind right now). But that’s okay — all the more reason to scope out other kinds. I didn’t have my camera on me, so here’s a snapshot with my (non-iphone) phone:

Gratitude of Saturday
Some baking fun that deserves a post of its own (it’ll be my next post tomorrow, on Monday night). But in the meantime, a sneak peek:


Gratitude of Sunday
Lazy Sundays. ‘Nuff said.

PS: As I was taking this picture, my hubby asked how the photo was turning out. “It looks like we live in a technological pig sty,” I said. (It’s true.)



9 thoughts on “Gratitude of the weekend: ice cream, baking, and laziness

  1. That picture of the apples and cinnamon is phenomenal. Such gorgeous light.

    And I may have you beaten on the technological pigsty. Mine looks like something out of WALL-E.

  2. Aww! The last one! <3 The light is sooooo good.

    And I can so relate on the technological pig sty front. I mean, I'm a photographer and Chris is a musician, you can imagine how many cables, wires and doohickeys that are laying around the house at all times!

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