Gratitude of the day: the anticipation of ice cream


Gratitude of the day: Does the anticipation of something count for this gratitude project? Tomorrow, we are going to the Palo Alto Creamery, which has pumpkin pie ice cream — and their ice cream is always fantastic! Last year, they had apple pie ice cream, which was, hands down, the best apple pie ice cream I’ve ever had. And I like pumpkin pie ice cream even moreso! I cannot wait.

PS: In this picture, my hubby is eating Dr. Pepper ice cream from Bittersweet Cafe in Cupertino. Just had to call that out. (Dr. Pepper ice cream!)


8 thoughts on “Gratitude of the day: the anticipation of ice cream

  1. oh if ever there was a weakest in life for me, it would be ice-cream and cake! i love ice-cream more than anything, by itself, on pancakes, as a side to a warm cake. I love the taste of vanilla bean, green tea, black sesame or red bean ice-cream! :-) but I can’t imagine dr. pepper ice-cream?!

  2. I love ice cream but actually just starting feeling a bit lactose intolerant after eating it. It saddens me that one of the best things in the world makes me feel sick. For some reason, cheese doesn’t bother me. And that’s GREAT, since I’m addicted to cheese. (I add extra cheese to my extra cheese pizza.) Oh well.

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