Gratitude of the day: birthday meals

Gratitude of the day: birthday meals. Lots of birthdays around this time of year, no? Part of what I like about birthdays are the birthday brunches/lunches/dinners that becomes an extra little present for the birthday boy or girl. This particular meal was a birthday lunch for me weeks ago — a sandwich place I had always wanted to try. I was reminded of it today, when my hubby was making another birthday meal plan for his best friend.

Also, thank you so much for all your words of support and encouragement on my previous post about Uppercase Magazine. It is so much appreciated. :)



12 thoughts on “Gratitude of the day: birthday meals

  1. Aw, I love birthday brunches/lunches/dinners! This one looks fantastic. My mom and I have birthdays a week apart in December (hers is the 9th and mine is the 15th) so my grandmother takes us to the Williamsburg Inn for brunch every year around that time. It’s so fancy. I feel like the queen when I’m there. And ironically, she actually stays there every time she comes to visit! : )

  2. I don’t even have birthday parties anymore or expect Chris to get me anything for my birthday. All that I ask is that I be taken out to some lavish meal and sometimes, it isn’t even a fancy joint either. Sometimes, nothing says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” like a trip to the greasy spoon.

    And don’t think I didn’t spy the Boylan’s label in that first frame! *high five*

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