30 days of gratitude: sunlight


Gratitude of the day: I never appreciated light before getting into photography, but now I am keenly aware of it. So as much as I love fall and winter, the lack of light bums me out because things just look (and photograph) better in natural sunlight.  And with daylight savings ending this Sunday, we’ll lose another hour of light.  There’s something slightly melancholy about going to work in the darkness, and coming home in the darkness too. With that in mind, I am just happy by these last vestiges of sunlight today when I came home.


12 thoughts on “30 days of gratitude: sunlight

  1. I hear that! I love love fall too, but losing the light is the worst part (especially when you still have a day job). Must make sure to take advantage on the weekend!

  2. I so know this feeling. But something someone commented after my big megapost on Wednesday I think is really relevant here: “I just had this conversation with a friend of mine. He couldn’t really understand why I am not staying in Melbourne for another year, as my life is so easy, fun and happy (and it is). I don’t have any worries, but I also don’t have any real challenges anymore. And I’m sure I will truly miss this life once back in Europe, where my life will be challenging, but really missing something is a treasure, too.” REALLY MISSING SOMETHING IS A TREASURE, TOO. Yes. This light is a treasure.

  3. I’m right there with you about the sunlight. I’ve always been a nature girl but nine years ago, I started really appreciating light because of photography. I had a manual camera and I couldn’t use it so much after the sun set. And there are so many different ways to play with light. This is such a great thing to be, well, “great”-ful for. :)

  4. Ugh, I feel the photographic winter coming. I already find myself at work by the time the light is at it’s peak of beauty out here. We’ll have to get creative! =)

  5. i agree, you definitely become more aware of light when you understand what you’re shooting :) it’s the turning of seasons and soon we’ll be getting more than enough light here in Melbourne, yah! sorry that you’re losing one hour of precious light but i’m sure the change of season will bring you other colours and elements to capture!

  6. This is a very nice initiative. I would love to do this someday, and yes i definitely agree with that thought about the light. There are really times when we appreciate things more because they have become more involved in the things we love to do. the light is indeed beautiful!

  7. Aw, I so know how you feel. A vivid memory from when I first started jr college was having a big huge commute and spending all day on campus… I left for school when it was dark out and got home when it was dark out. Sheesh. Talk about a one-way ticket to Depression City! I do agree with Hien, though, that the new season brings many special elements worth photographing, despite our lack of light :)

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