30 Days of Gratitude: a surprise birthday gift

A recurring theme on flickr is the 30 Days of Gratitude project. For the month of November, you post a photo and description of something that you feel grateful for that day. I participated in 2009, and thought this year was a good a time to do it again. (I actually forgot about it until last night, so I’m a day late. But it’s okay!) So, for this month, I’ll try my best to post a picture a day.


Gratitude of the day: today, I came home to a surprise package in the mail — a belated birthday gift from my sister-in-law. Truffles and a gift certificate to borrowlenses.com! Could the gift be any more perfect? And believe me, I will put both to good use. (A rental on a certain Fuji x100 camera has my name written all over it.) Such a thoughtful gift, so very much appreciated.


14 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude: a surprise birthday gift

  1. I actually hadn’t heard of this project before. I failed miserably on the 365 prompt-a-day thing I was trying to do. I just have no time, being a full-time student and holding a full-time job as well. But I could try this one. It sounds like it would do me some good. Just to stop and think about what I am blessed to have in my life everyday. And with Borrow Lenses… do you like using them? I haven’t tried yet because my mother’s convinced I may as well just invest in my own lenses. But sometimes I highly doubt I’ll ever afford that 35mm 1.4 I’ve always wanted… Poo. :(

    • Yes, I also failed on a 365 project, but this one is much more doable. Borrow Lenses is awesome; I’ve used them multiple times, and it’s been hassle-free and great. I highly recommend them and renting lenses in general, b/c you might find that the lens that you want (like the 35mm/1.4) isn’t for you. And it’s better to spend a rental fee of $50 to find that out rather than $1700 to buy it, you know?

      • Oh I totally agree. It’s just that the 35mm IS my lens, lol. I used to shoot with a Canon AE-1 (film). It’s how I started taking pictures at all nine years ago. On it was a 35mm 1.4 lens. And I never took it off. I bought a 35mm 1.8 for my digital months ago because it was cheap, but cheap is not better, and I soooo badly want the 1.4. I also want to upgrade to the 7D or the 5D Mark II but that’s like thousands of dollars. I’m stuck with the Rebel XS because it was cheap and I needed a new camera. See the pattern? I got myself into a pickle.

  2. I love the way you’ve framed this—it feels extra-precious, somehow. I am happy to announce that you inspired me to start participating in this project. So, thank you!

  3. I love the idea behind this project, we all need to be reminded there are things in life we should feel grateful for.
    It made me wonder if I should join :)

    and wow! what a thoughtful gift you got from your sister-in-law :)

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