The Fall Festival at Ardenwood Farm

I just love Ardenwood Farm. (I’ve posted about the farm before, and also posted about the Victorian-style Patterson House, too.)  This past weekend, they held a Fall Festival, full of cider pressing, corn shucking, and live music.  Of course we had to go!  I’ve never shucked corn, although I was certain it was in my blood since my family is from the midwest.  (Never mind that none of them had ever picked corn.)  Long story short, corn picking is HARD WORK!  Even just plucking a cob of corn off the stalk is really hard!  I have a whole new appreciation for corn picking.  And I loved Ardenwood’s policy — pick however much corn you want; you keep half (for free!) and give the other half back to the farm to feed their animals.

Also, how absolutely gorgeous is Indian corn?  Stunning.  Too pretty to eat.



14 thoughts on “The Fall Festival at Ardenwood Farm

  1. What a feast, pecking at the grains and may participate in the yard, I do not know of Bavaria. This is a great thing, especially when many people and live music here … Wonderful photos.

  2. wow those corns do look so good! i’ve never had the black or red corn before, wonder if they’re sweeter? lovely close up shots, the tones are really nice! :)

  3. I don’t know what to say. I feel like I need to just stop leaving comments on your blog because I’m getting so repetitive, haha. These are beautiful!! And you’ve NEVER shucked corn before? That’s just crazy. As soon as it starts showing up on the produce stands every year I go corn crazy. Never picked it before, though!

  4. My mom always took us to Ardenwood when we were kids. Isn’t there a giant corn maze up there too? Not at Ardenwood, but somewhere in Fremont? Go there if you haven’t yet!

  5. I found your blog while I was looking through I’m from San Jose, and I am so inspired to explore more of the Bay Area after looking through your photo’s. You take great photos, and you visit the coolest and cutest places in the Bay Area!

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