If I try my best and fail, well, I’ve tried my best.

Pausing at Ocean Beach

I can’t say anything new about Steve Jobs that hasn’t already been said, but I came across this quote of his, and just loved it in so many ways:

One of my role models is Bob Dylan. As I grew up, I learned the lyrics to all his songs and watched him never stand still. If you look at the artists, if they get really good, it always occurs to them at some point that they can do this one thing for the rest of their lives, and they can be really successful to the outside world but not really be successful to themselves. That’s the moment that an artist really decides who he or she is. If they keep on risking failure, they’re still artists. Dylan and Picasso were always risking failure. This Apple thing is that way for me. I don’t want to fail, of course. But even though I didn’t know how bad things really were, I still had a lot to think about before I said yes. I had to consider the implications for Pixar, for my family, for my reputation. I decided that I didn’t really care, because this is what I want to do. If I try my best and fail, well, I’ve tried my best.

—Steve Jobs, CNNMoney/Fortune, November 9, 1998


8 thoughts on “If I try my best and fail, well, I’ve tried my best.

  1. really gorgeous capture to compliment that inspiring quote from Steve. Sometimes I think how ridiculously crazy this apple phenomena has become, but when put into retrospect, it all started from a guy who had an ambition to build up on a basic concept, one that revolutionised technology forever in this 21st century, much respect to him, i’m sure his legacy will live on for years to come.

  2. Sad. The whole Silicon Valley took a huge blow. They also kind of ignored the fact that Jobs never gave to charity,fired people on the spot after chewing them up like children first, and that initially he refused to acknowledge his first daughter.

    Ah, well – speak well on not at all about those who are not here anymore, right?

    And bottom line is, no one really cares. People love their iPhones and iPads and Macs, so that’s that.

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