Gone apple-picking

As soon as apple season began (okay, it doesn’t really begin until October, so we were a week or two early), we went to Apple Hill to go apple picking. Apple donuts, apple milkshakes, apple cider, apple turnovers, apple dumplings, and, of course, apples… no apple item was left unincorporated. A delicious start to autumn!



22 thoughts on “Gone apple-picking

  1. such gorgeous shots Jacqueline, beautiful colours and light! those red apples looks so juicy and delicious, i love the taste of them when they’re freshly picked, by the time they’ve made it to the stores they just don’t taste so good :D and i love apple cider, had my first warm version of it when i was in northern america and it was strange but nice!

  2. What a super fun way to spend a weekend afternoon. We had a small apple orchard in our backyard when I was a kid so apple trees have always felt special to me.

  3. Wow this series of photos really embodies the idea of “fall” for me (even though it looks nothing like fall here in SoCal lol). Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy all of those apple dishes! They sound delicious!

  4. I attempted to go apple picking yesterday and it was a total fail. Hope to go this week, especially after looking at this post!! I have some apple recipes that I am dying to make!!

  5. I don’t know how many times I can comment saying that I LOVED this post before I start to sound redundant. You are rockin’ my world these days.

  6. They let you guys park in the orchard? So cool! Love the detail shots, gorgeous texture. I’m planning on going too, later this month, haven’t been in a couple years and I miss it! There’s a place just a few hours away that makes you feel like you’re in a New England fall. :)

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