Gamble Garden in film

I finally developed the film from a recent wonderful gift, the Canon AE-1 complete with a Canon FD 50mm/1.2 lens and the new Portra 400 film. I was worried about the all-manual aspect of it, but it seems like the in-camera metering is accurate and focusing gets a little easier with time.

Some shots from a recent trip to Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto…



16 thoughts on “Gamble Garden in film

  1. Wow, those are wonderful photos. I love rolling movie, even if the development is very expensive. The colors of your roll film are beautiful and powerful to detect the details well.

  2. once you go film you never go back :) the thing i am most thankful for picking up a slr camera is improving my focus, shooting with film cameras forces you to go manual, strange and full of doubts at first, but after you get the hang of it, you never go back! the tones of the portra is so beautiful and mellow here :)

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