Summer on the beach in San Francisco


Summer in San Francisco — it’s not the sun and warmth you normally associate with California. Nope, it’s cold, gray, and windy. This past weekend, we went to Ocean Beach for a quick jaunt and indeed, it was just that. Anyway, even though I’ve been there numerous times, I never really looked at Sutro Baths, the ruins of a private pool complex, so I snapped a quick shot of it (last image). I’ll have to go back and wander down there when the weather’s better.



17 thoughts on “Summer on the beach in San Francisco

  1. Ooh I walked this very area on our visit in July last year. And yes, I’m just getting up to posting them soon. Maybe sooner so we can compare our visual notes! We had lunch in that cafe overlooking the baths. That first photo is perfection with those foot prints my dear. And I love the tones of the binocular shot. x

  2. So lovely, despite the gloom. :) It never fails to remind me of the Eddie Izzard bit from his Dress to Kill special that was taped in SF, talking about fooling the tourists with your fog and freezing weather!

  3. Hehe I remember it being a little cold there during the summer. But don’t you get warmer weather in September / October? There was a heat wave the last time I was there in “fall” haha. Great set of shots Jacqueline!

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